Dr. Gaddoor I. Saidi is a chemical engineer with long experience in both industry and academics. With a BSc and PhD in chemical engineering from the University of Southern California, Dr. Saidi has over 25 years teaching chemical, mechanical and environmental engineering in various California universities, and in research and consulting, and has contributed many articles for publication in various scientific journals.
  A creative entrepreneur, Dr. Sadie has successfully launched and managed numerous new ventures, from traditional to online, and has given 25 years of involvement in community and human development nonprofit activities. A longtime opponent of the Qaddafi regime, he helped establish the first opposition group outside of Libya in 1979, and was in Libya at the outbreak of the Revolution, barely escaping Qaddafi’s hit squads to return to the USA to become the Director of the Libyan Emergency Task Force in California. He had been a leader of the Libyan American community for over 40 years, was a founding member of the American Libyan Council and a trustee of the Libyan American Association of Southern California.
 With his background and expertise in the oil and gas and renewable energy sectors, Dr. Saidi is a specialist in helping international companies create joint ventures to bring highest quality products and services to the Libyan energy market.

Mr. Muntasser has earned his B.S. Electrical Engineering with Honors from Worcester Polytechnic Institute in Worcester, MA, USA.   He went on to earn an M.S. degree in Electrical Engineering with emphasis on Artificial Intelligence and Expert Systems.
After working for Analog Devices for several years, Mr. Muntasser started several successful private enterprises including a chain of retail stores and a real estate holding and investment company.   In addition to operating several businesses in the USA, Mr. Muntasser also served as a consultant in his father’s Oil business in Libya.
Mr. Muntasser has served on the board or executive committees of several non-profit and community organizations.  Most recently he has been a co-Founder and Vice President of Stand With Libya Action Committee and a board-member and co-founder of the Libyan American Public Affairs Council.
Mr. Muntasser is a passionate reader with special interest in political history.   He has published several Op-Ed pieces addressing the Libyan revolution and the struggle for Democracy.  Mr. Muntasser is an avid tennis player and enjoys riding and jumping his horses.   In his spare time, Mr. Muntasser spends time working on engineering problems and has multiple patents pending.

Dr Esam Omeish is a Libyan American physician living in Washington DC since 1982. He earned a Bachelors of Science in both Government/International Relations and Biology from Georgetown University in 1989 and earned his Medical Doctorate in 1993 also from Georgetown University school of medicine. He is a board certified General and Laparoscopic surgeon, a recipient of  the physician of the year award, and a former chief of general surgery at Inova Alexandria Hospital.  
Dr. Omeish has been active in the Libyan revolution since its inception in February 2011. He helped establish the Libyan Emergency Task Force with his colleagues and served as its president. He also was elected as the political director of the Libyan Council of North America and helped establish and served on the board of the Libyan American Organization across the United States. He is the President and Founder of the Center for Libyan American Strategic Studies and served as a vice chairman of the American Libyan Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Dr. Omeish also volunteered as a Trauma Surgeon in the front lines of the revolution in August 2011 at Yefren Hospital where he operated on and helped treat many brave young Libyan revolutionaries with members of  Doctors without Borders and International Medical Corps. 
Dr Omeish is active in the political circles about Libya and its democratic transition in Washington DC with extensive networks and relationships. He frequently participates in programs in prominent think tanks as well as meet regularly with policy makers and government officials regarding Libya. He maintains strong relationships with important political actors in Libya and continues to advice successive Libyan governments regarding Libya-US relations.
Dr Omeish has a certificate of Diplomacy and Government Affairs from the National Defense University and ran a campaign for political office as a delegate for the Virginia General Assembly in 2009. He has published and been featured in several media outlets including CNN, Aljazeera, Washington Post, Washington Times, Wall Street Journal and some Libyan TV outlets. 
He lives with his family in Fairfax,Virginia where he is married to a Libyan American who is a professor and a scientist in Molecular Biology. They have four children, two of whom are in college attending Harvard and Yale universities. He was featured recently in a book published by Simon and Schuster and written by famous journalist Tom Gjeltan, about Immigration in America, called  "A Nation of Nations" where his family and his life's work were a featured main story about the American Immigration story. 

Mr. Giarushi earned a B.S. degree in Computer Science from the Mankato State University of Minnesota.  He went on to earn an M.A. degree in Political Science & International Relations also from the Mankato State University of Minnesota.
His business career started in 1989.  Mr. Giarushi owned and operatd a successful retail business.  He also owned and operated multiple real estate properties.  Currently, he owns and operates a successful real estate brokerage firm.
An active community member, Mr. Giarushi is involved in local and state politics.  He is a member of various community and political groups and is especially interested in inter-faith work.
Prior to co-founding the Libyan American Public Affairs Council, Mr. Giarushi was a member of the Libyan Chamber of Commerce.
Even as a long-time resident of Minnesota, Mr. Giarushi maintains an extensive network of contacts in Libya where he travels frequently to meet with political leaders and civil society groups. 

Gaddoor Ibrahim Saidi

Emadeddin Zahri Muntasser

Esam Salem Omeish


Ali Suleiman Giarushi