The Libyan American Public Affairs Council is a prospective US 501 (c) (4) organization.  Donations made to LAPAC or to any of its dedicated activities are NOT tax exempt.

"To preserve and implement the ideals of the Libyan revolution by fostering democracy, rule of law, freedom, free press, good governance, transparency, civic responsibility & free-market economics.”

Working with American leaders, NGOs, government, research centers, and members of the Libyan-American community, LAPAC will offer technical assistance to the emerging democracy in Libya. Our advocacy and public affairs campaigns will serve to ensure that American government and media will offer the necessary support to the legitimate Libyan democratic institutions and prevent the return of any form of autocratic rule.




Libyan Constitution Conference,

January 13, Washington DC

The Day After, A symposium to discuss options and opportunities for Libya’s new government,

March 14 & 15, Washington DC.


Our team of political, business, and academic leaders will work with organizations and individuals towards achieving our mission.   But any organization with such encompassing mission cannot achieve its goals without the involvement and support of the public.  We, therefore, call upon concerned Americans and Libyans to join us as we work to strengthen democracy and freedom in Libya so that future generations of Libyans can live with dignity and prosperity.   A free and democratic Libya will represent a tremendous economic opportunity for American business.   It is easy to see that once achieved, our mission is a win-win for everyone involved.
LAPAC is not affiliated with any political or religious group or party anywhere.  We are focused on our mission.  Individuals or groups that share this mission and this commitment to democracy will find us as their advocates.  Those who seek to reinforce dictatorship, extremism, socialism, or disunity will find as outspoken critics.   As advocates or as critics, we are committed to our mission regardless of whom the players are or who is in power.